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About Us

SokokoS is a comprehensive Social Media Archival platform, which works proactively in helping you archive and search through all the correspondence that happens within your Facebook groups and pages. In future, we will expand this system to include other social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. However, while still in beta, you will have to enjoy the combined power of Sokokos and Facebook.

This platform caters for multiple usage:

Go Back and See What People Were Discussing:

Limited only to groups and fan pages, now you can go back as far as 12 months to check out what kind of conversations people were having within groups and pages you are part of, or follow. This functionality is also available in case of open groups and fan pages, allowing you to inspect and see if a group or fan page is the right kind of community for you.

Discover Open communities:

Do you want to find a happening and chatty group about fishing? Or do you want to follow the latest dance craze?

Discover open communities at the push of a buttons, and get involved in discussions - right within Facebook.

Saved Searches and Email Notifications:

Don't have the time to check Facebook every day? No problem! Just save your common searches on our platform, and as soon as our system updates and we find updates for you, you will get an email. Save time, be more efficient and concentrate on activities that are productive!

Advertisement Assistant

With our advertisement assistance capabilities, you can target people who would be interested in your groups/fan page/offers.